Dear Rie,
I am so confused when people talk about glazing a model or washing a model. What does it mean and is there a difference?
— Glazed Over

Dear Glazed Over,
I completely understand the confusion and have lived in that spot for a bit now. Hopefully this will clear things up.

In the mini painting community a wash is a transparent paint, that has very little surface tension, which means it flows easily over the surface of the model. It’s designed to flow into the cracks, low spots, and crevacises. Washes are a great and quick tool to create definition on a model without going through a ton of steps to create shadows.

A glaze will also be transparent, but have greater surface tension which means it sticks better to the surface. A glaze will spread over the model more evenly, minimally pooling. The glaze will still allow you to see the color under it, but change the hue. Glazes are great to layer up for gradual color transitions, blending, or subtly changing the original color painted.

Love Rie