Dear Rie,

I’m a smaller YouTuber and trying to get off the ground. I was wondering if you think getting business cards would be a good idea? What information would you include on them?



Dear Carded painter,

I think that business cards are a great thing to have. They are pretty inexpensive and easy to carry around with you to pass out if you happen to meet someone that you want to share your page or channel with or even a new business contact.

As far as what would I put on them? Your name, email address, logo, and a link to your page/channel are all great things to have. Other than that maybe a quick motto or a byline of what you do on your page. I honestly wouldn’t put your phone number on the batch you plan on just passing gout to people. That is a bit too much personal information to just have floating around. You can either get a second batch of cards made with your number on them or on the rare occasion you need to have a number, simply write it in on the back of the card.

Hope this helps,