After Hours EP66 – Fun With Drew

Yeji, Clint, Mark, and special guest and Golden Deamon winner Drew is sitting in the workshop talking a wide variety of topics! So sit back, kick back, grab your brushes and paint and get ready to have fun!

Unboxing from Giorgos, Elder-Forge, and Infamy

This weekend was like a modelers Christmas as I was able to do a video livesstream unboxing of Busts from Giorgos Tsougkouzidis, Manuel Caterini of Elder Forge, and Infamy. Lots of fun stuff!

After Hours Ep 65 – Post Adepticon 2017

Yeji, Clint and Larry are in the Workshop talking about what they thought of Adepticon now that it is finished! Mark is unable to join us because he is out of town doing adult stuff! So sit down and relax, grab your paint and brushes, and get ready to laugh!

Hardwood Floor Miniature Bases

Welcome to The Epic Hobby! Join the Epic Duck, Mike Cousins as he teaches you how-to sculpt hardwood floor miniature bases. Video after the break!

Painting Colossus by Knight Models – Painting Yellow Spandex

Welcome to The Epic Hobby! Join the Epic Duck, Mike Cousins as he teaches you how-to paint a X-men Colossus miniature for the defunct X-men game by Knight Miniatures. This is the Third part! Video after the break!

After Hours EP64: Realistic Flames and Explosions

  Yeji and I are super Salty! Why? Because we are sitting here during Adepticon recording a podcast instead of partaking in super awesome gamer nerdiness! In all seriousness we are back with another episode where we talk about realistic flames and Explosions.

Virtual Reality Sculpting from Tested

The guys over at Adam Savage’s channel, Tested, talk about sculpting models in virtual reality!

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