Dear Rie,

I’m having more problems with my family member that I’m doing the commission for. I’ve been sending him tons of work-in-progress pictures but all of a sudden, when the models are about half done, he changes his mind. What should I do?
~Relatively Painted

Dear relatively painted,

Weather a family member or a client, it’s important to remember that they may not know the painting process. You can send them 100 pictures of the very same model completely different stages of work, but to them it may look exactly the same as the last picture. Limit when you send the images to the final stages. The parts where you think to yourself, “this really only needs 1 more highlight” or, “one last glaze of this color and I think it’s set”

Also keep in mind that they will change their mind based on how many options you are giving them. If you give 12 options for one model, they will never feel confident with their decision and they will want to change it to satiate their need for the model to be “perfect”. Limit pics and limit choices and the mind changes should subside.

Love Rei

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