Hello everyone, I’m my last video I covered using an airbrush to Primer your models using Vallejo Surface Primer as well as my airbrush of choice, the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity.

Today we are going to cover an overview of the basic types of fading and blending using an airbrush. During this video I was using a Harder and Steenbeck Infinity airbrush running at roughly 30 psi, Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise thinned with my custom thinner and spraying onto a Wave Serpent chassis. I started by priming the model white and base coloring most of the model black except the lightest area, which I left white.

I hope you enjoy the following video. If there is something I talked about and you would like to see expanded upon just leave a comment below.

Models-Workshop: Basic Airbrush Fading: