The Harder and Steenbeck Infinity is in my opinion the best airbrush on the market. I have owned one for several years and even after trying some of the top brushes from the competition it is my go to airbrush. The things is a beast.

It’s a solidly build German product that offers wide versatility. You can switch the nozzle, needle, and tip out to various sizes including .15mm, .20mm, and .40mm. You also have the luxury of being able to make it a siphon feed with a special adapter. Lastly you can switch the paint cups out from one to another depending on what you’re looking for.

While it is not the most expensive airbrush on the market it’s not exactly cheap either. The MSRP for even the basic Infinity is $261.50 and $339.00 for the 2 in 1. What makes the price on the airbrush worth it is versatility. 

Without further wait, here it the video review.