Hey all, here is time for another product review!  About a month ago I picked up a bottle of  Vallejo Acrylic White Surface Primer – 60ml because it was starting to get cold and wet out so I need an alternative to what I would normally do.  This is a product from a company that I normally use for my standard painting so I had high expectations.  As most people know I use Vallejo also exclusively for painting miniatures.

Well first off the bottle seems to be pretty solid, it is not like the standard dropper bottle, but more of a flip-top so pouring can be slightly trickier as you do not have quite the control you do with a dropper bottle.  There is a small learning curve when trying to get used to pour it into an airbrush which is how I plan on using the product most of the time.

The primer itself seems to be a bit thinner then typical paint,  as a surprise it also has a slightly minty smell to it.  Well the first thing I wanted to do was spray some through my airbrush.  Now typically all paints, even those designed for airbrushes have to be thinned some.  I was pleased to discover that I was able to run this primer without any need to thin.  It goes on quite well and dried to a matte finish as was promised. It does best if you spray a light layer on the model, enough to not make the model white (some of the original will show through) and then go back for a second layer.

On my test models I let the primer sit for a night to ensure the paint was completely cure.  I then took a light sandpaper (2000 grit) to it to ensure the paint was smooth as it sanded just fine and by time I was done it was really smooth.

Pros: Can be used in an airbrush and brush on; apply ready; dries quickly; dries smooth; sandable; available in multiple sizes; several colors to choose from

Cons: small learning curve on pouring; slightly more expensive; limited availability

Results:  Buy this product if you have ever needed to brush or airbrush primer on a model.  There are very few things I could fault this product and they where very minor.  Finding it seems to be the toughest thing.  This product gets the djinn24 seal of approval and will be a permanent fixture on djinn24’s Painting Table!

Product info:

Price seems to be $4.00 for 17ml, $7.99 for 60ml, and $11.59 for 200ml

Packaging: In 17, 60 and 200 ml. bottles.

Price seems to be $4.00 for 17ml, $7.99 for 60ml, and $11.59 for 200ml