Well after a vacation while I moved and just got busy with life, we are now back into t he swing of things here at Models Workshop. This week you saw a product review being published for Vallejo Primer Surfacer. A great product that is not a staple over at www.djinn24.com Painting Table in our tool kit. Not that it will replace rattle can primer but it will give me a lot more options as to what and when I can do things, and if you now me I love new things that expand on how I work!

From Games Workshop we saw a release of the new Lord of the Rings models and also the 25th Anniversary Model for Warhammer 40k (already ordered 2). The 25th Anniversary Model looks like it will be a fun model to paint and something that can easily be turned into a display piece.  It was designed off of the original cover art for the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader box set.  The miniature is in Finecast, which has gotten some flak in the recent past but I am looking forward to seeing this, as it is my first Finecast model.  I had told myself that I was going to buy Eldrad first but things happened and this looks really cool lol.  The new Lord of the Rings models, though I am not their biggest fan, really look cool with this release and I am now finding it harder to resist buying into that darned game!

Now there are some interesting rumors flying around the world of modeling about some up coming changes.  The first rumors that has been flying around with a lot of life is the new information on 6th edition for Warhammer 40k.  While it has been decided that July is probably going to be the day that it is going to come out from the various evidence floating around.  Now the big thing is a copy of what is supposed to be a playtest version of the rulebook that will flip Warhammer 40k on it’s ear.  not saying all  of the changes are bad, actually I like most of them but this would be the most radical rules change since Second to Third edition back in 1997.  Dez over at Mini War Gaming did a nice roll up of the major changes and you can find that link here.  There are some really interesting things like different movement values for different units, and how vehicles interact with one another differently as well.  But the general ruling is that it is fake, but a very well done fake, or as one person posted, it is a wish rulebook from the beginning of playtesting where anyone could add what every they wanted.

The next set of rumors is the fact that Games Workshop is going to be changing their paints in some major and drastic way.  We are not sure if they are limiting their colors, or if they will be changing their formula, but the lead rumor in what is going to happen is a change over to dropper style bottles that have been in use by companies like Vallejo and Reaper Master Series.  Now as a user of  dropper bottle I am kinda excited  to see how, if at all, this will change my decision to not use Games Workshop paints but some people have brought up some very valid argument.  That a beginner likes to have a pot of paint and will paint from the lid.  I know I did when I started out almost 2 decades ago.  With the change to eyedroppers pallets now become mandatory, and the use of a wet-pallet is as well if you do not want to waste paint.  As a company Games Workshop has always seemed to cater to the new person coming into the hobby so this would be a bit of surprise to me if they did this.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Well in t he coming week we will be adding some more tutorials to the linkadex to make sure we are growing so we can help you out!  Also look for at least one new product review this week!  If you want to get in contact with me please feel free to drop me a line at larry@djinn24.com!