The end of last year was crazy for me, as I’m not the one to really buy into a lot of Kickstarters and I ended up getting three; the B.O.S.S. Dicebag, the MacroMats backdrops by TABLEWAR, and this Kickstarter, the Miniature Holder v3 by Rathcore.  As someone who doesn’t buy a lot of Kickstarters (unlike Yeji) it’s like Christmas when they come in, excited isn’t even the proper term. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to get the MacroMats on a Friday and the Miniature holders on Saturday!


The Rathcore design takes a cue from what many of us in the painting community have been doing for years, using empty pill bottles, and improved on the design with thier Miniature Holder and Miniature Grip. Both are laser engraved turned hardwood. The Holder is the smaller of the two, much like the lid of a pill bottle but thicker and with a lip for your fingers to rest. The Grip is an ergonomic holder for those who want a better grip, lot like having the lid on a pill bottle, but much more comfortable in the hand.

Where these shine compared to the pill bottle approach, other than the improved comfort, is the Bar. Both the Holder and Grip have a place to put the Bar. It can spin around both 360 degrees so it never gets in the way, and more importantly you can rotate it to where you need it. The Bar give you a place to rest your fingers while painting instead of in the models head  or  a sword damaging the paint. It also gives you a place to rest your fingers holding the brush, shortening the distance between a stable object to the miniature being painted. This is amazing for those who’s hands are not the most stable or a tremble. There are 3 sizes of Bars for different model heights. There are also 4 sizes of cork, the standard slotted or on rod miniature, as well as 3 adapters for round bases sized 25mm, 30mm, and 32mm.


Right now Rathcore is still delivering its Kickstarters to the backers so they are not available for retail sale. The word is that they are on schedule for delivery for the Kickstarter and will likely have an Autumn retail release. I would strongly suggest looking into this product. It awesome for those with a hand tremble and very comfortable to use. They are not the cheapest, but in this reviewers humble opinion, are worth every penny.

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PS thanks for the signed card and stickers. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you the happiest!