Happy 2nd birthday Warcolours! The best part of this second birthday celebration, is the fact that Warcolours has a gift for you. Upon checkout if you use this code BDAY10 and you’ll save a 10% off of Warcolours incredibly low price. Neo is also introducing a new line of brushes, flats, and expanding his line of round brushes, I talk about that more below.

Check out their One-Coat paints here! 

For those of you who’ve never heard me talk about Warcolours, in a nutshell, they are a very affordable paint line, ranging from €1.80 to €2.50 a bottle, out of the country of Cyprus, they have a no-nonsense naming scheme where everything is simply just the color in a number depending on how dark it is, and they also have a very wide line of metallic colors, more than any other hobby company that I know of. How affordable are they?

For a wider explanation and review of the paints in the company you can check out my article here.

I love watching new companies grow and expand and this week Warcolours turn 2 years old. Since I was introduced to them a year and a half ago by Jay Adan I have watched them introduce their entire line of One-Coat paints, their Ink line, expand their Metallics range by 6, and added 4 new glazes, in addition to introducing their Technical line which includes their Gemstone paints among others. This is one aspect of Warcolours that I love, the fact that Neo isn’t stopping, he’s continuing to grow his line and his company.

That doesn’t stop now, Neo’s using the second birthday of his company to introduce a whole new line of brushes and expanding on the original round brushes. He now has seven different sizes of his round brushes ranging from 000 all the way to size 5. He is also introducing the flat brushes, sized 2.0mm 2.5mm and 3.0mm all made with kolinsky sable. I love the idea of the flat brushes because they are not commonly made with Kolinsky. The best part of these brushes is they are priced at €3.50 each.