Dear Rie,

I have this client who I happen to be related to, who I am painting an army for and they are just being overly picky. What should I do?


Relatively Painted

Dear Relatively Painted,

I have a few points I want to hit for this. It will apply to not only family members, but also picky clients also.

If it’s a family member, unless they are paying you your normal fee, remind them you are doing this as a favor to them. If you gave them a “family rate” or worse yet, free, you still have to treat them like a customer. You are providing them with a service. Remind them that you wouldn’t deal with disgruntled or pushy customers, and even though they are family, the same applies to them. Remember, you’re the subject matter expert and it’s your job to guide.

If they don’t know what colors they want, when showing them swatches or mock-up choices don’t go overboard. This can cause indecisiveness, or worse yet, make them regret thier initial choice and ask for a cookie switch after you have started.  Also don’t send work-in-progress pictures to early. They might not understand what they are seeing during the “ugly stage”. Wait until you have it neatened up a bit.

At the end of the day, your commission work is your own little business. Don’t take it personally if they really won’t budge, you can give them exactly what they are asking for, or you you can stand your ground and guide them to great looking minis. If they won’t budge make sure to tell them that the selection is final. 


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