Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, Models-Workshop has decided to begin hosting a Monthly Painting Challenge!   Many moons ago I was involved heavily with a couple of forums that ran such events, and after sitting down with Larry, we decided that it would be a lot of fun to host one ourselves.   I always found such events a great way to stay motivated and a fun way to share your work with the interwebs to garner ever important praise (to help with the motivation) and critiques (to help improvement).  So without further ado, I give you the guidelines for the challenge!

The guidelines are pretty simple as this is a challenge and not a competition.  There are no winners and losers, just a friendly coming together to help each other stay motivated! Here we go!

Just before the beginning of the month I will announce what the category is for the month, i.e.- troops, special characters, heavies, large model, open, etc.  from there it is simple.

1) Folks wishing to put in entries will get me unpainted photos of the model they intend to paint for the month.  Those photos need to be to me by the 1st of the month.  Photos can be emailed to

2)By the end of the month simply send finished photos of the model to the same email address.  A finished model can be elaborate as you want it to be, but must be at least tabletop standard to be considered finished.  (three colors and completed basing.)

I will then post all the before and after shots here on the site and Larry and I will choose one of the entries to be the featured model of the month.  I will do a short little interview with the featured artist to let them brag about their piece a little bit to the masses.  I have always enjoyed participating in the challenges that I have participated in and I have always found them great to really help move models from the “need to be done” pile to the display case.

For this month we are going to get things rolling off with something easy so this month will be an OPEN category.  Surprise us with something.  We look forward to seeing all those wonderful models!