Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part in this series! Last week (click here) we discussed the places we paint and sculpt etc, the most efficient use of space and the all important comfy chair we sit in to do these things.

This week I will be discussing model storage. Now the majority of us use our models in games and therefore we need to be able to transport them safely to different places. There are many manufacturers out there that make excellent army transport systems and they all come in different shapes and sizes (and also prices).

Here is an example of a storage system that I use:



I recently sold a lot of my models and downsized from the Battle Foam PACK 1520 to the smaller 432. I can fit most of my Imperial guard and space marines in here and they are lovely and safe. I can also put codexes in there and gaming accessories. I use the PACK 216 to transport my paints and tools. These kind of storage systems are also great for keeping unpainted models that are assembled.

For all the parts that are not assembled or spare I have a couple of “bits boxes” these have dramatically decreased in size over the last year after I had a huge sort out.


For this I just use an old battalion box lid that I kept to keep the big sprues in and a few tupperware boxes for the smaller weapons etc. I also have a couple of these to keep my larger unpainted models in and airbrush spares etc. They are super handy and keep everything organised and tidy. The bonus is they are all relatively cheap!

Lastly we want somewhere to store our painted models. I am a collector and painter, I do not play at the moment so I paint to display standards most of the time and as such I need somewhere to show off my models.


The display cabinet you see above is from good old ikea (do you see a pattern yet). You can find it here. I used to have a normal £30 bookcase and it was great but my models were not protected. This led to dust etc getting on them. The best thing about these units if you have the space is that you can add inserts into each section.

  • Glass cabinet
  • Drawers
  • Cupboard
  • Boxes

This offers loads of storage options and you can also get the bookcase in different sizes.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you find this article useful! Please get in touch if you would like me to cover anything.

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