Well it has been 2 weeks since I posted last, I meant to do this once a week but last week was kinda of a dry week in terms of what happened and what I did. A quick round up of what has happened in the last couple of weeks. I did get my hands on a trial copy of Avid Studio 15 which edits my videos without a hitch, this is going to be something that I will have to pick up.  Really easy, quick and pretty powerful as a tool for making my videos.  I am also looking at buying a new camera soon as well.  Well here is what happened the rest of the week:

I did a tutorial on a new effect using masking tape to mask off areas and then fade black and then metallic over it. It turned out really well and the tutorial itself was a success. From this I have been getting requests to do a series of tutorials for the newer users of airbrushes covering everything from primer with the airbrush to mixing paint. I started working on some of these tonight. I am going to have to see how the footage I took turned out. You should be seeing about 10 new 5-7 minute long tutorials coming up in the next week or so. I also went through and updated the ‘Buying a New Airbrush‘ tutorial as I have learned a few new things since I wrote it a year ago.

I did a product review for Skullcrafts basing supplies out of Oregon. I really can not say to much about this, go and watch it! I can not get enough of their products.

I am also working on a secret project that I am doing to test the AK Interactive weathering paints on. I have heard a lot of good things about them so I am really looking forward to seeing what effects they have on my secret project. They are not acrylic so I am wondering what is going to happen once I put them on. There will be a video up of course probably sometime this week.

So what do you think of the new look everyone? I hope you like it. I am kinda digging it myself. I added some new tracking stuff that none of you really care about. I also added the ability now for you all to comment on any posts that are made *cheer*. We now have a Disqus plugin that allows you to log int using a ton of different chat softwares and post comments on what you like, what you would like to see, and what you would improve. Also I have added a wiki that I am looking at making active soon to replace the current tutorial set up. Just trying to think of a way to do it so all information is kept nice and safe.