This is a neat and new feature here on Models-Workshop. We are following Joe M., who started painting and modeling his Necron army for Warhammer 40k 5 weeks before this first video was shot.

The reason this idea really caught my attention is because it gives the other new people someone to follow as they progress forward learning as well. A lot of the times us old time painters forget to explain things or we skip over details that would be important for someone starting out simply because it’s second nature to us and we no longer really realize we do it anymore. So having a person who is chronically his experience might should be a sobering look at what it truely is like being a Beginner.

Now, not everything on these videos will be done perfectly and Joe will make mistakes as he learns and grows into someone who is experienced at the art of miniature painting. Please keep this is mind as you watch the videos. If you see something where Joe could learn please take a moment and leave him a message on the page or on the YouTube channel. I am sure he would appreciate it!