The relaunch of Models-Workshop has blown my expectations out of the water. The community response has been beyond awesome and the people who have backed me in this have been supportive and great.

I have been talking about bringing Models-Workshop back for several months now, originally I approached my closest painting confidantes about joining me, people from my old Painting Circle, Andi and Yeji (the other member Ben is already part of Models-Workshop). They were excited about this and readily agreed.

Then I spoke with some long time friends of mine Munkey-Joe and Matt to see if they would want to join the crew. Both these gentlemen have been supportive of my painting in the past and they would be a perfect for within my forming community. Like Andi and Yeji, they were also excited.

But even after this for some reason I hesitated on relaunching. It’s easy to get your friends support on something, I mean that’s what expected of your friends. Then enter Joe. This is a guy who as a new painter had asked some advice on buying an airbrush. I sent him a message on Facebook and eventually we talked on the phone. I offered him a spot on Models-Workshop to do a blog following his progress and he agreed.

It was this, the support of someone who at the time was a stranger who really spured me into action. I contacted the original people to confirm they were all still interested and started reworking the site.

Now the group was solid but it didn’t feel full. Over the following days I spoke with Gus, otherwise known as Colour of the Gods on YouTube and Lyn, the Painting Diva of Metalhead Minis. Both of these people are accomplished artists and we’ll known within the community. Both agreed and were absolutely positive.

I picked to the pace working on some behind the scenes workings of bring it up to working order now that I had what felt like an absolutely perfect mix of people and talents.

First I want to thank you the fans and supporters for whom we all do this for, the folks who give us the reason to do what we do.

Second I want to thank Lyn, Gus, Andi, Matt, Yeji, Joe, Munkey-Joe, and Ben because without you all supporting me with not only words of encouragement but with action in volunteering your time in being part of the heart and soul of Models-Workshop I am not sure where I would be with this.

This year, 2014 is just the start of something that is awesome. This will be amazing, to Infinity and beyond!