The idea was born in January of 2011 to create a modeling site that basically mapped the various tutorials, product reviews, and how-to’s for modelling into one area.  Originally started as it was branched off to its own site shortly after that.  Included in the website idea was to also be a news resource where hobbyist could go to see what new items had been released instead of having to look all over the internet themselves, possibally missing items of interest.

The Sites goal is to remain a free website that provides most of the information a person needs to be a better modeler.  We know that being new in this hobby can be a daunting task and wish to share our hard fought for knowledge to you, so one day you can give knowledge back to the Workshop for the next generation.


Models-Workshop is a group of hobbyist who enjoy modeling.  These models can range from typically 6mm WW2 models up to 54mm models (and maybe larger).  Our goals is to bring you an organised directory of tutorials, product comparisons, new releases and rumors and many other things.  This is not a store.

Currently we are:

Larry ‘djinn24’ K.
Webmaster, Head Administrator, Tutorial Author
Larry has been involved in modeling since 1995 when he started playing Warhammer 40k during second edition.  As he was becoming a better painter and modeler he had questions that took up to a decade later to answer.  So he started a quest to create a website that has the information for the beginning and advanced modeler alike to use, and thus Models-Workshop was created.  His goal is to come up with a free to use website that has information such as how-to, where to find, and items that most people would not even consider for modeling.  When he is not painting or modeling he is spending time with his wife and 4 kids and 2 dogs.
Ben ‘midge913’ E.
Editor in Chief News, Rumors, and New Releases
Ben has been involved in modeling and painting since 2005 with his introduction to Warhammer 40k.  Over the last several years he has worked on improving his painting and modeling skills and over that time he tirelessly surfed the internet and forums looking for tutorials and tips that would help.  During his many forays into the online universe he discovered that there were a host of companies that remained relatively unknown that produced some exceptionally high quality products that he believed should be brought to light.  As Models-Workshop began to be formulated as an idea Ben wanted to make it his goal to provide modelers with as much new information about new products as he could to help the average modeler in improving their art.  Along with Larry, Ben’s goal is to help create the best repository of modeling, painting, and product knowledge possible.