by Unforgiven302







Weighted Your Models Bases: The Cheap And Easy Way!


Some models are naturally off balance and will “faceplant” or tip over at the smallest little nudge or bump. Usually this is quite frustrating and can even damage your beautiful paint job, or worse, your opponents models! So, avoid the hassle of off balanced models by weighting the bases and adding stability to your models. You will spend more time playing the game and less time picking up tipped over models.

Get yourself a box of AIR DRY MODELING CLAY from your local crafts store. The stuff I bought comes in a 10 pound brick and only cost around $8. CHEAP!!! And 10 pounds should last me a lifetime. I think it even comes in different colors too. I am using “Terra Cotta” colored clay. Better known as brown.

Pull off a small lump of the clay and have a model ready for weighting. Be sure to reseal the bag after you get your lump. It is air drying clay, so do not let the big brick sit out in the open, it will dry up… duh!

Shove a bunch of the clay into the underside of the base. Simple.

Press the model down onto the table so that the excess clay is squished out from the underside of the base. I press down on the base itself and not on the model because I don’t want to break the model. I also use an old carving board from the kitchen for this step because the clay can make a mess on tables and such. A piece of cardboard or even the box the models came in will be more than suitable to use also. Think ahead before making a mess!

Check to see if the base has been filled up. If it had an air pocket and didn’t fill in the entire base, simply add more clay to it and repeat the squishing step until the base is filled up.

Let dry! The stuff only takes a little while to fully cure. A small base may take only 30 minutes or so. The color of the clay turns a lighter tone and it actually shrinks a bit.

Pop out the dried clay pieces by tapping the base on a hard surface, like your table. They should just fall right out with out much force at all.

Now just use a bit of super glue to permanently attach the clay plugs back into the bases.

If the model doesn’t sit flat and has a bit of a wobble after the weighting process due to the clay not being flat and even, then use some fine grit sandpaper and smooth the bottom of the base until you have a properly standing model.

That’s it! The model is now properly weighted and should not do the gaunt shuffle. You can then paint the clay underneath or leave as is, your choice.

Give it a try, it is cheap, easy, and you will have enough material to do hundreds, if not thousands of models.