Power weapon conversion
By Svartmetall

Svart is an inspiring converter and artist.  His works can be found an various modeling and painting forums.  Some of his recent projects include sculpting several items for Secret Weapon Miniatures.


Here’s how to make any blade look like a power blade by adding power cabling that runs along the blade and then into it.
First, take your chosen piece of metal on a stick, in this case an Orc cleaver:

Once you’ve decided where you want the power line(s) to go, very carefully drill a hole as deep into the blade as you can without actually going through (since you want the blade unmarked on the other side):

When drilling, you’ll see the plastic on the other side of the blade start to turn white before it physically deforms – that’s your signal to stop. You should be able to see light shine through the thin cap of plastic left over the hole when held up to a light:

So go very slowly and carefully, keeping a close eye on the other side of the blade so you know when to stop.

Now add a length of wire – here I’m using the same galvanised steel wire that I use for pinning, but you could use any gauge of wire really – and carefully bend the last 2mm or so of it at 90 degrees to the rest of the wire, which you should keep as straight as possible. Once you have the end section bent as neatly as you can manage, glue it into position on the blade itself:

Here’s the second section of power line I’m adding to this blade, showing clearly the bent end section of the wire:

Et voilá! A power blade:

I’m leaving these two bits of cabling as they are for now, since this blade was converted purely for the purposes of this tutorial, but on a finished model you’d want to green-stuff in the end of any power line you added so it blends smoothly in with the rest of the weapon’s detail.

Here’s the same technique, applied to a matched pair of close-combat blades for one of my Obliterators:

It’s a simple enough idea, but you have to be very careful with something as fiddly as this. The old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’ is always a good one to keep in mind when modelling, but especially with this sort of thing – alwaysdry-join pieces to see whether the lengths are right and that things sit properly, in this case paying particular attention to making sure the power line sits flat against the blade when the end piece is inserted into its hole.

And there you have it.  I simple and effective way to make your own power weapons.