By Midge913

So ladies and gents I have been working on a Daemon Slayer for my Dwarf army recently and since I had the camera handy while I was painting I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to paint dark purple gems.

1.) I started out by undercoating the gem with Chaos Black making sure to avoid paint spill on the finished gold areas

2.) For the next step I took Liche Purple and added another oval shape to the gem, leaving some of the black showing to the left of the gem.  I decided early on for the model that my light source for highlighting would be coming from the left side.  If this sound backwards leaving the darkest part of the gem toward the light source it will make sense further down.

3.) for the next stage of highlighting I mixed a 2:1 ratio of Liche Purple and Hormagaunt Purple.  I then applied this in another smaller oval shape inside the one from the previous step, leaving some of the pure Liche Purple showing.

4.) Now for the stark final highlight, I took the mixture from the previous step and added a bit more Hormagaunt Purple bringing the ratio to close to 1:1 Liche Purple/Hormagaunt Purple.  To that I added a bit of Warlock Purple.  This was applied in a crescent shape along the far right side of the gem.

5.) The final step to this gem process is to show the place on the gem where the light would strike.  This is done by adding a small dot of pure Skull White into the area of the gem that is still black but just before the purple shades start.

This last step gives the illusion that the light striking the gem is reflecting out from the inside of the stone.  If you want for an additional glowing effect you can hit the gem with a coat of Gloss Varnish, this will really make the gems standout on your piece.