How to Paint Glowing Eyes
By Matt ‘Ragnar’ Susalka
Matt is an award winning painter know all over the net for his great communication skills and very high quality of painting.  Below he presents a quick and easy tutorial on how to paint award winning glowing eyes.

Hello fellow painters,

Upon request, I’ve made up a tutorial for how to paint a glow effect on the eye lenses of a Space Marine Terminator (but you can apply this technique to anything, even a psyker’s eyes to make him look… cool)

So, the colours I used:
Dark Angels Green
Snot Green
Scorpion Green
Skull White

Step 1: Apply an even layer (or two) of Dark Angels Green over the eyes

glowing eyes 1

Step 2: Apply a series of highlights, building from Dark Angels Green, up to Snot Green. Be sure to keep the highlights in the center of the eye/lens because the source of the light is the eye itself (there isn’t a reflection bouncing off of the lens; the light emanates from the lens itself)

Step 3: Apply another series of highlights, building up from Snot Green, to a 75%-25% mix of Skull White to Scorpion Green (again, keep this centered)

Step 4: Now, grab your Snot Green and thin it out to the consistency of a thin wash. Wash around the eyes (keeping it tight, now) and apply it to the corners/hard edges where the light would naturally reflect. Once this layer is completely dry, grab your Scorpion Green and water it down to a thin wash. With this, make a lighter and tighter layer to the lens (the closer to the eye, the brighter the light, so keep the lighter shade closer to the lens itself, while the darker colour would represent the diffusion of light away from the source [the lens]).

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask!

Good luck guys!
Matt S.