Dark Blue Armor:

By Xenobiotic

Xenobiotic is an incredibly skilled painter and converter.  His works can be found in his project log over on the Heresy Online Forums.

When approaching the blue colour I decided to take a this approach:

  • Use a dark (primary colour) base
  • Wash it to deepen recesses and hint a colour variation
  • Highlight 1
  • Highlight 2
  • Highlight 3
  • Wash with origin colour wash (red wash for a red base, blue wash for blue base and so on) to soften the highlights together

It was just a matter of choosing the colours I wanted and trying it out.

Deep blue armour:

Start with your usual primer procedure (whatever it may be). I have a tendancy to use my watered down foundation colours as “priming” mostly since I dislike having to spray (never ends well for me) and I find they grip quite well to the miniatures and after 2-3 layers they have a good coverage.

Step 1:

Necron Abyss – watered down to a nice consistency. Might need 2 layers to get a good coverage.

Step 1

Step 2:

Wash with Thraka Green. I understand if you’re scratching your head a bit about this choice of colour. Many Blue colours has a tendancy to lean towards red (becoming “warm”, giving it a purple hue). I want this armour to go towards a nice “cold” armour to put other “warmer” elements/colours on top of to create contrast and visually interesting effects (gold details for example). A hint of green darkens the blue without disturbing the temperature of the colour as much as a red wash would, it also makes it more rich then just washing it with Asurmen Blue.

Step 2

Step 3:

Broad glazed highlight with Regal Blue. You might not have thought about it but Regal Blue leans towards green (turqoise) which is why I’ve chosen it over Ultramarine Blue (which has a purple element).

Step 3

Step 4:

Slightly thinner glazed highlight with Enchanted Blue.

Step 4

Step 5:

Thinly glazed highlight with Ice Blue. Some of you might have thought the next step would be Hawk Turquoise here, but that colour is in fact TOO turquoise, making the entire appearance of the armour shifting towards Turquoise which isn’t what I’m after. I’m trying to get a deep blue with a green hint!

Step 5

Step 6:

Wash entire armour with Asurmen Blue. This is a very important step since it ties all the highlights together and give them a rich palette and gradient which looks good.

Final Step