After Hours EP72- Buying Brushes, Whale Face, and Sticking to Your Guns

This Podcast has crappy Larry audio due to the Clint and Yejitis! My mic came unplugged and I was recording off my webcam! No worries though, everythign is totally understandable! In this episode we discuss sticking to ones guns, what do people actually take away from taking classes at conventions, and buying brushes! Models Workshop[…]

Ask Rie July 13th 2017 – To Get Cards or Not?

Dear Rie, I’m a smaller YouTuber and trying to get off the ground. I was wondering if you think getting business cards would be a good idea? What information would you include on them? ~CardedPainter   Dear Carded painter,

Ask Rie July 6th 2017 – Dirty Brush

Dear Rie, I just picked up my first Kolinsky brush but I am afraid to use it and get it dirty. What can I use to clean it up and keep it like new? Diiirty   Dear Diiirty, Good brush maintaince is actually not all that hard. There are numerous thing that can be used[…]

After Hours EP71 – GW Rant, Henchman Clint, and Inappropriate Yeji

Yeji, Clint and Larry are in the studio  talking about all the cool things that have happened recently. Yeji triggers Larry and he discusses (rants) about Games Workshop, Yeji was very inappropriate, and Clint is officially a henchman. Larry is working on his Bright Crusaders from Forge World. Models Workshop After Hours is where the[…]

Games Workshop, Have They Redeemed Themselves?

A moment ago I was going through my old draft documents.  I found an article from well over a year ago I had started where I said that Games Workshop was a menace to themselves. It got me thinking though, have they redeemed themselves? Long time Games Workshop fans remember a happier time where the[…]

Ask Rie – What is a Chibi? 29 Jun 2017

Dear Rie, I keep hearing the term “Chibi” around my board game group. I’ve seen a few games that are considered “chibi”, but I still don’t understand what they are. I’m also wondering what the best way to pronounce it is. I’ve read a few different ways to say it, and my friends can’t agree[…]

What’s in the Box!? Bright Crusaders from Forge World

This week we are unboxing and reviewing the Bright Crusaders Blood Bowl team from Forgeworld. In the box you get 2 resin coins, 2 resin markers, and parts to create 12 miniatures with plastic legs and resin heads and chest pieces. This is available from Forge World for £32 plus tax and shipping. Buy yours[…]

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