Time has come where I need to get my focus back and start working on Models Workshop, when I was doing the podcast regularly it was because I had established a pattern which I was comfortable in. This is what I have realized in the last month of reflecting. When my wife left me, it absolutely disrupted my entire pattern and that is where things started to fall apart. I could never fall into a rhythm again, and honestly I have found it taxing on not only the podcast, but in my hobby in general. I have taken steps to do better but that is not enough.

In the recent months I have managed to fix up my studio and am now working on the workshop and they are both servable, if not a bit cluttered and messy. I have also fixed my laptop and even upgraded it a bit. But instead of just collecting tech and items which is what I have discovered I have been doing, I am going to actually use it.

My goal is to spend at least 3 hours a week on nothing but site improvement and writing articles. I know that this doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is only the start and it also doesn’t include the time actually working on my hobbies which will also increase hobby content, and lets face it 3 hours is a lot better then the zero hours I have been working on it the last year or two.

Next up is the podcast. My goal here is to start back on the once every two weeks schedule. I am also on another service called radio which I want to get involved in heavier. The upgrades I have done with the laptop should allow to edit the podcasts (and videos) on it with little to no problems. I have also purchased what can only be described as a portable podcasting kit so here is hoping to get some interviews from different people and shop owners in the area as well. I think that will be some fun content to have on the site as well and something we were missing.

Another big thing is I have gotten into 3d printing pretty heavy so there will be content that ties into that coming here soon. Good thing is, unlike my other hobbies, 3d printing is a well established part of our community. I am going to be looking up and sharing my thoughts on different printers, prints you can do for our hobby and much more. So I am looking forward to writing about that.

In closing I have decided that I need to start doing something with Models Workshop or just quit, and I am not ready to quit. I need to get my squirrels in a row no matter how nuts it is. So here is to seeing more of you all in the future.