Hobby Recycling

Many aspects of our hobby can be very expensive. Anytime money can be saved it is a great thing, it means we can buy more miniatures and models! Hobby Recycling focuses on reusing trash and incorporating them into our hobbies. In this article we will be talking about lids, specifically lids that can be used as a decorative base or even a plinth.

Hobby Recycling Bucket Full of lids
Hobby Recycling Bucket Full of Lids

Free Juice!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram for a while will have without a doubt seen pictures of me drinking bottled juice or tea. While I really enjoy both of these beverages I mainly do it to acquire the lid from it. Many of the lids on these beverages are quite ornate; with a little work look really good as a base or even a plinth with the larger ones. The best part is there are numerous styles to pick from as well, my long running gag was I was buying a $2 base and even got a free bottle juice with it.

A handful of Tropicana lids for Hobby Recycling
Handful of Tropicana Lids

Working on Them

The lids are made out of hard plastic so we have the tools and skills for working on them. All that’s needed is some sandpaper to rough up the surface. You can use super glue and miliput on them once roughed up. Use a course sandpaper if you want to sand the lids flat. You can use standard super glue or wood glue to add materials to the top of them, or to even attach them to other bases or decorations.

It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy.

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