I was requested to do a Kickass Kickstarter on the new Confrontation Classic game that just went live on Kickstarter. All calculations are factored on the non Early Bird edition with no stretch goals.

From the Kickstarter, what you get

  • 178 unique miniatures, divided between 16 factions (each with their own skills).
  • Two Battle Sets for play with 2 or 4 players, terrain and game mat, allowing for fast setup.
  • The rules, tested through many years of play, which are easily learned.


As of the writing of this article this is an all in Kickstarter, meaning you have to pledge for the entire package of 178 miniatures at a staggering $396. The price per miniature is a low $2.23 but having to buy the entire thing in one lump sum I honestly believe is a horrible mistake. The price removes the Confrontation Kickstarter from casual and impulse buyers. Sadly the low PPM is also a red flag to the quality of the miniatures, something that is not easily judged since there are no close ups.

I can only hesitatently recommend this if you loved the Confrontation game (not the miniatures) and have the extra cash laying around or some friends to split this with. Also I wouldn’t hold your breath on delivery as well, this is a company with no previous Kickstarters and a huge project  I fully expect production issues.

This Kickstarter has a ton of red flags and would honestly avoid. There is nothing about this Kickstarter that gives me a warm fuzzy.