After Hours Ep74 features Larry, Clint, Yeji,and Rie talking abojut various topics including the loss of a hobby friend to senseless violence, the new BONES 4 by Reaper Kickstarter that is going on now as well as how many pieces should you shoot for when trying to get ready for a painting competition.

Models Workshop After Hours is where the crew and friends of the site sit back and chill while painting their miniatures and models. Topics range from miniature/modeling companies, paint brushes, paints, airbrushes, kitbashing, conversions, tools of the trade, conventions, kickstarters, reviews, advice, with a whole bunch of dirty humor and language. This is not a game play podcast, we rarely talk about that. This is about the art behind the games we play!

Theme Music: Cyle Eide ft Sam Bell Aladdin Metal Remix








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