This Podcast has crappy Larry audio due to the Clint and Yejitis! My mic came unplugged and I was recording off my webcam! No worries though, everythign is totally understandable! In this episode we discuss sticking to ones guns, what do people actually take away from taking classes at conventions, and buying brushes!

Models Workshop After Hours is where the crew and friends of the site sit back and chill while painting their miniatures and models. Topics range from miniature/modeling companies, paint brushes, paints, airbrushes, kitbashing, conversions, tools of the trade, conventions, kickstarters, reviews, advice, with a whole bunch of dirty humor and language. This is not a game play podcast, we rarely talk about that. This is about the art behind the games we play!

Theme Music: Cyle Eide ft Sam Bell Aladdin Metal Remix








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