One great thing with the crew of Models Workshop is that we have a huge variety of talent with a massive variety of talent ranging from an almost anime look to a classical look when painting miniatures. One things that we have all come to appreciate if that there are going to be times where you don’t like the way something looks. That does not mean you think what they did was bad, it’s just not your style. This got me to thinking.

Actum est de materia ex perspective. This is Latin for “It is a matter of perspective”. Simply put it is OK to not like a piece but still give it props for being well done. One of the best parts about miniature painting is the fact that it is all about style and what comes from inside you. I have talked about this a few times on the podcast about Ben Komets, an amazingly talented painter, who happens to have a color palette and style that I am not a fan of, I find his pieces to look washed out, especially skin tones. A lot of my friends love his work, especially my buddy Syndjinn. Am I saying that I don’t like Ben as an artist because of this? No. His painting is superb and pulled off amazingly well. It just happens we don’t agree on what palette looks good.

For me, I LOVE the colors purple, blue and turquoise, which means that I use these colors, along with the other cooler colors, a lot when I paint. If someone doesn’t like those range of colors they will be more inclined to not like what I did on the merit that they don’t like the color palette and that is fine, because it is simply a matter of perspective. I think this is one of the hardest thing for us, as painters to get over, is our work not being accepted by someones. We need to realize that we can not please everyone all of the time, it just won’t happen. You’re going to run into people who just might not like one, or even all of your peices.

Sometimes as an artist I’m guilty of looking at a piece and saying “I don’t like it” when in fact the piece is amazing. A prime example of this is Chibis. They get knocked for looking childish, rough, and cartoonish, which is true, but aesthetically it fits what the model is supposed to be. Take a look at the work of Drew, Elizabeth or Mark and you will find an amazingly beautiful piece painted properly and executed beautifully. You don’t have to like the miniature either to appreciate the work that is on it.

In closing. You don’t have to like everything about a model to appreciate it. it is OK to not like an aspect about a model but still give it credit for being well done. As an artist, it is fine if someone doesn’t like an aspect of your model, because it is about you, not them. Remember that you are supposed to be doing this for your pleasure and while it is nice to get a kudos once in a while, as long as you are happy with what you are doing, that is all that matters.