This week Larry, Ben, Yeji, Clint and Joe are joined by Brooklynn from Succubus Publishing and the Lead Designer on Middara, a highly successful Kickstarter that is currently running. We kick back and taslk abot various elements of game deisgn, kickstarter, and just joke around with each other. Now as a warning, Larry is an idiot and forgot to hit record on the recorder which means you are listing to a rare second take of a podcast. I hope you really enjoy this.

If you remember back in episode 2 we talked about this game and ended up rating it at an A just because of the beautiful models that I want to sit and paint. Well since then Yaji and Clint where able to travel to Utah and play a demo of the game. Between that and some of the new stretch goals I would have to say this game is now an easy A+

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