Good Morning everyone. Today I have made a handy tutorial that will help you when highlighting those pesky Space Marine helmets and bolter casings.

I like to spend a little more time painting the helmet as it is the main focal point of the model.

Here are a few easy steps to help you get that striking paint job;

Step 1




For this example I will be painting one of my veteran tactical marines. To get to this point I have painted three layers:

1. Foundation Paint – Baneblade Brown

2. Wash – Devlan mud

3. Foundation plus white – this is applied carefully and you must leave some of the wash visible to add shading.

Step 2



The next stage for the casing is to highlight the edges with a lighter shade of the foundation colour. My mix at this point was Baneblade brown: Dheneb Stone: White – 50/30/20



Now we add the lighter mix of paint to the extremities of the helmet. I usually focus more on the very top and edges above the eyes. I will normally start adding some subtle edge highlighting at this point.

Step 3



For the bolter, we can now add a lighter shade to the edges and really start to pick out the shapes and neaten it up. For this I was using a mix of  Dheneb Stone:White – 50/50



On the helmet we can now start to pick out the shapes and add the lighter paint to the edges of the front and sides. You can edge highlight the top of the helmet to make it really stand out.

Step 4




At this stage I use pure white to really make the highlights pop. I pick out the outer edges of the casing and helmet.




Now all that is left to do is paint the eyes and the lens.

If you have any tutorial requests please message us! 🙂