The Silicoil Brush Cleaner is something that I bought a few years back and absolutely love it. It’s not an item that I would say you have to have but it sure it helpful. It’s a 12oz glass jar and lid with an aluminum coil on the inside that you drag your brush over. The smooth surface of the aluminum opens and seperate the hair for a proper cleaning without damaging the brush hairs. You can combine this with brush cleaners or you can use regular tap water as well.

I originally picked this up because I knew there had to be something better out there then a Red Solo Cup as far as cleaning and rinsing brushes off. It is very affordable coming in at $6.69 and can be useful to everyone from beginner to veterans. This one seems to be a bit more gentle then some of the others I have used, the large width of the coils gently agitating the bristles of the brush which makes it safer for someone who might be a bit rough on a brush.

I recommend doing some research and seeing which bin works best for you because there are dozens of these type of cleaning bins out there. Personally I use two different ones, one for deep cleaning, this one for color changes. Over the years this isn’t the only one that I have picked up, but it is my favorite.

My overall verdict is for the price you really can’t go wrong picking one up.