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In the last year Games & Gears have went from an unknown to a major player in the wargaming community, utilizing Kickstarter to expand their product line with each new product idea. This time around partnering up with Ichiban Studio to come up with an innovative brush not only for miniature painters but also designed by a miniature painter, the Ichiban Studios Pro Line Brush


When pledging you only have two options available. The “Innovator” and “Super Innovator”. With the Innovator for a pledge of £30 (roughly $48) you get a full set of the Pro Line brushes which include a size 00, 0, 1 and 2 brush. The Super Innovator pledge amount is £50 (roughly $80) gets you two full sets at a nice discount!




Link to the Kickstarter here!

Now a lot of successful Kickstarters have some great stretch goals and this one is no different. The have divided them into two types: Gears and Gears Shop, the first being a free add-on and the second being a paid addition to the order.



So far for your pledge you get Games & Gears Ichiban Pro Studio Line Brushes, a handy case that holds all 4 brushes, Ichiban’s G&G DVD, and a G&G Ichiban Masters Towel that is a limited edition to this. If you pledged at the Super Innovators get two sets of the Gears! That’s a pretty good deal for $48 or $80 depending on what you pledge.



And as you can see there is a ton of items you can purchase as additional add-on including three different synthetic brushes in the same style as the Pro Line, a brush rack designed for the Pro Line Brushes including the Synthetic, a handle to turn these brushes double sided, additional Pro Line Brushes, a paint rack and much more! Games & Gears and Ichiban Studio continue to add more products each couple days too so I am sure many more goodies will end up being revealed. Seriously go have a look, I could write an article or three simply on the add-ons alone!

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on these brushes and put them to work! You can look forward to seeing a review of these as soon as they ship out as I was lucky enough to grab an early bird pledge. The sheer excitement surrounding these brushes in the hobby world and here at Models-Workshop makes these an easy Kickass Kickstarter!


Games & Gears Ichiban Studios Pro Line Brushes