I would like to take a moment and talk about the Games Workshop Spary Gun. It is a bottom fed, external mix, air gun.
The Spray Gun was recommended to me because I wanted to do a custom paint mixture for my base coat on my army and I was told this would be the easiest way. It did an all right job of that. That is about the best I can say about it.
At $33 I figured I would give it a try.

While the nozzle is supposed to be able to adjust the width of the spray output no matter how you turned rotated the needle it did not make any difference in the the output.
The needle itself is wide but still manages to clog if you look at it cross eyed.

The air from the gun feeds back into the resivour causes the paint to bubble. That bubbling causes a clog in the hole and stops paint flow.
Another problem I had was the reservoir attaches by sliding in underneath with nothing to retain it. This causes the reservoir to fall off the gun at any given time often without warning.

You do not get a compressor with it and are warned that unless you are very careful a compressor will blow the seal. So instead they try to get you to buy a $12 can of propellant. (cost is now $45 before tax, and that is just with buying one can).
Also to keep the propellant flowing properly the can to be put in warm water to keep from freezing up.
Also the connector to the propellant can leaks so you are losing very expensive propellant.

Lastly most airbrush companies sell replacement parts for their brushes. GW does not. So if you break something on the GW brush you have to spend another $33 to get a new one.

The thing is for just a little more you can get a gravity fed airbrush that has multiple uses and a compressor. It will probably work better for the base coating, give you other functions as you improve, and will cost less to replace if you mess up with it. All in all I would say save your money for a bit, and get a good airbrush. Don’t waste your money on the GW one.

Joe M.